Hunting in Tyrol

The extraordinary alpine panorama and the original nature inspire thousands of foreign tourists every year. Whether hiking, climbing, skiing, cross-country skiing or just relaxing: the alpine terrain offers the right opportunity for everyone. The characters of the inhabitants are as different as the landscape. 

However, Tyrol also has a lot to offer passionate hunters. The Tyrolean mountain hunt has its very own appeal and charm. It is also not unusual that everything is demanded of many a huntsman. However, just the sight and the opportunity to hunt in a unique landscape make up for all the effort and hardship. 

Huntable game species

The remote mountain regions are a protected retreat for many game species. If you want to hunt in the high mountain areas, you must be in good health and condition. There are hardly any paths that can be driven on by car. Game drives at up to 2000 m above sea level are not uncommon here. 

In Tyrol, you are rewarded for all your efforts and hardships with the prospect of hunting the following game species: 

  • Black grouse
  • chamois
  • ibex
  • Roe deer
  • red deer
  • foxes
  • ravens
  • alpine rabbits
  • coots
  • hares
  • Badgers
  • jay
  • magpies
  • mallards
  • Polecats
  • raccoon dogs
  • Wild boar
  • raccoons
  • Rackelwild

Hunting types and times in Tyrol

Hunters must comply with certain hunting times to protect game populations. Class 1 male red deer and marmots, for example, may only be hunted from late summer to autumn.

The proud capercaillie, on the other hand, whose population is protected all year round in Germany, may only be hunted 15 days a year and only in odd-numbered years. This is to ensure that the population of the majestic birds remains stable.

An overview of the hunting times in Tyrol: 

  • Male red deer class 1: 01.08. - 15.11.
  • Male red deer class 2 and 3: 01.08. – 31.12
  • Female red deer (including calves and skewers): 01.06. -31.12.
  • Roebuck class 1 to class 2: 01.06. - 31.10.
  • Roebuck Class 3: 01.06. - 31.12.
  • Female roe deer and fawns: 01.06. – 31.12
  • chamois: 01.08. - 15.12.
  • Little Rooster: 10.05. - 31.05.
  • snow tap: 15.11. - 31.12.
  • Marmot: 15.08. – 30.09
  • alpine rabbits: 01.10. - 15.05.
  • coots: 01.10. - 15.01.
  • hares: 01.10. - 15.01.
  • Badgers: 15.07. - 15.02.

Known hunting grounds

Hunting in Tyrol offers many advantages. In addition to the impressive nature, the country also has a rich wildlife population. The interplay of both factors makes a hunting holiday in the mountains an attractive adventure. 

The Pitztal is the largest contiguous mountain hunt in Austria and extends from about 1300 to 3200 above sea level. All hoofed game species can be found in the high-alpine area, the area is approximately 22521 hectares in total. 

The Kitzbühler Alps are home to the Niederkaiser mountains. There is a 250-hectare hunting area here, where roe deer, red deer, black grouse and capercaillie are native. A very special experience is the chamois hunt. Hiking trails and climbs are well developed, but hunting chamois is still a piece of hard work.

Physical and mental fitness are the basic requirements here in order to even begin to get a good shooting opportunity for the wild animals that love to climb in the high alpine terrain.

Tip: If you want to hunt in Tyrol as a German, you have to Possibly hunting liability insurance to lock!

regulations and necessary documents

In order to be a hunting guest in Tyrol, you must be in possession of a valid hunting license. The European firearms pass entitles you to carry your own firearms, which must be carried at all times.

A hunting guest card is required to hunt in Tyrol. Many commercial providers of hunting holidays help with the application for the Tyrolean hunting license. An existing foreign hunting liability insurance must also be available. The following must also not be missing in the hunting luggage:

  • Mountain shoes and clothing
  • Warm jacket
  • backpack for hunting
  • First Aid Kit
  • binoculars
  • spare clothes
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Headlamp and flashlight
  • Custom Thermos Flask
  • beverage bottle

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