Night vision attachments for hunting put to the test

First of all: The sale and purchase of night vision attachments is permitted throughout Germany. The ban on contact was lifted by the legislature. An exception are real night sights, which have their own reticle and can be used mounted on the weapon instead of a telescopic sight. These remain prohibited for all hunters.

Despite all this, the use of attachments with night vision is still prohibited by hunting law. Only the federal states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hesse, Brandenburg and Baden-Württemberg allow use, mostly limited to wild boar hunting. In Bavaria there are temporary special regulations in this regard.

Especially in times of African swine fever and a sharp increase in the wild boar population, the use and demand for night vision attachments has risen sharply. There are many models on the market and the question automatically arises: Which device is recommended? We have selected some products for you and evaluated various test reports and reviews.


1. The inexpensive all-rounder: Diycon DNVC-3 Black Mamba

With a weight of around 480 g and compact dimensions of 143 x 55 x 90 mm, the dual-use device is easy to use. The photo resolution is 2680 x 1944 px, and the night vision device is also equipped with a 6x digital zoom.


✅ Connection thread for common M52x0,75 clamp adapters available

✅ CMOS sensor with Full HD resolution

✅ removable battery

✅ Power bank operation is possible

✅ Shooting precision of less than 4 cm


❌ Buyers report that some devices were not bulletproof


The Diycon DNVC-3 offers a number of advantages that make hunting and targeting game easier. With a magnification between 1,6 and 6x and a resolution of 2680 x 1944 px, it is possible to target game up to a distance of 350 m. In practice, however, factors such as the environment and weather also play a relevant role and may restrict visibility. If you want to evaluate your observations later, you can download the image and video recordings to your PC via Wi-Fi or HDMI connection.

The rechargeable battery with an operating time of up to 10 hours is replaceable. If necessary, the device can also be easily operated using a power bank. The model, which can be used day and night, has the option of making internal settings for shot precision directly within the menu. This makes a collimator for zeroing superfluous.


The Diycon DNVC-3 Black Mamba is a handy device that can be mounted on the riflescope in just a few simple steps. It has all the technical features that you would expect from a digital product of this type: internal memory, Wi-Fi option, CMOS sensor with Full HD resolution, removable battery. With a price of just under €1200 (as of November 2022), the Diycon DNVC-3 Black Mamba is in the lower price range.

You should be a little careful when zeroing in, because some reviews have noted that internal components came loose and the device had to be sent in for repairs or replaced.

2. The outdated classic: dipole DN34 Ultra night vision attachment

The DN34 from Dipol is not a new release, but has been on the German market for more than 7 years. With its high-resolution Photonis Echo image intensifier tube and manual brightness control, the demand for this device is still there. The performance is between 58 – 74 lp/mm and S/N 24+.


✅ Continuously adjustable dimmer

✅ Dimmable and focusable 100 mW infrared laser with 850 nm

✅ Repeatable assembly thanks to the adapter rings with the size 41 / 50 / 56 mm


❌ Image quality now obsolete


Night vision devices with image intensifier tubes have not lost any of their attractiveness, as the DN 34 Ultra proves. Dipol itself states that this product covers a wider spectral range compared to conventional picture tubes and thus makes better use of the natural residual light. According to the manufacturer, glare and distortion are a thing of the past with this model. With this GEN2+ tube, the sharpness itself can be infinitely adjusted without any problems using a lens on the device.


If you are looking for a robust device without a lot of technical frills, you should keep an eye on the DN 34 Ultra. The model can score with its uncomplicated handling, but there are now night vision attachments with a much better image quality at acceptable prices.

3. The precise: Night Pearl night vision device NP-22 Gen2+ Premium Green

At around 670 g, the 140 x 86 x 77 mm device is no lightweight. However, according to the manufacturer, it can score with precision and comfort.


✅ Long battery life of up to 60 hours

✅ Temperature range from -40 °C to +50 °C

✅ the close focus starts at 10 m


❌ relatively heavy weight


The night vision attachment has a residual light intensifier from Katod Gen2+, whereby the sensitivity of the photocathodes is 550-750 µA/lm. The manufacturer guarantees a maximum hitting error of 1/2 MOA, which corresponds to approximately 1,27 cm at 100 m. This is due to the precise calibration of the residual light intensifier tube or the optical axis, which should not lose any of its reliability even after years. The lifetime of the splash-proof device is also impressive at 60 operating hours. Other notable data: 70 mm lens diameter; Lens system F 1:1,44, the close focus is 10 m.


Despite the continuous advances in digital technology, tube devices have lost none of their functionality and popularity. In terms of price, Night Pearl night vision device NP-22 Gen2+ Premium Green plays in the upper league. However, it is a robust device that many hunters rely on to safely address game.


Diycon DNVC-3 Black Mamba, Dipol DN34 Ultra oder Night Pearl NP-22 Gen2+? Was soll es sein? Jedes Gerät hat seine Vor- und Nachteile. Die hier aufgeführten Details und Tipps bieten nur grobe Anhaltspunkte. Der Markt der Nachtsicht- und Wärmebildtechnik ist groß und Ihr solltet das für Euch passende Modell auswählen. So ist das Dipol DN34 Ultra mit seiner Bildqualität zwar veraltet, aber vielleicht genau das Richtige für Euch, wenn Ihr auf der Suche nach einer zuverlässigen und bewährten Technik seid.

Sicher auch interessant für dich: unser Artikel “Die besten Nachtsichtgeräte für die Jagd”.

More frequently asked questions on the topic

A blanket statement cannot be made here. It depends on the area in which you hunt (forest or field) and what your requirements are in terms of equipment and technical features. If you often plan a longer night hide, it makes sense, for example, if you use a device with a replaceable battery or the option of operating the night vision technology using a power bank.


IR illuminators that illuminate a target are still banned in Germany. Even if it is an infrared emitter integrated into a device that can be deactivated. A change in the Federal Hunting Act to change this in 2020/2021 failed, so that no IR emitters may be used to combat African swine fever either.


Night vision attachments and night vision attachments are no longer subject to the gun ban and can be purchased by any hunter. However, the night hunting ban in the federal hunting law prohibits the legal use of hunting. In individual federal states, such as North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia, the state hunting law applies in this case and allows the use of night vision technology.

In general, the legal situation is still quite opaque and it makes sense that you should inquire with the hunting authority responsible for you about the requirements that apply to you. In Bavaria, for example, there may be regional exemptions for the use of night sights. In some cases, however, the weapon may only be combined with the night vision attachment in the respective area. The transport must be carried out separately from each other.


Night vision devices are so-called residual light intensifiers. By means of tube or digital technology, the residual light that is naturally present is amplified and the environment is made more perceptible to the human eye. Visibility depends on the weather and the environment. In a forest area, addressing game is much more difficult under a cloudy sky than in a field area where moonlight and starlight are still present.

Thermal imaging technology reacts to heat sources and displays them accordingly. These devices can also be used during the day. Regardless of whether you decide on a thermal imaging or night vision device: Don't just make your purchase decision dependent on your wallet. It also depends on how efficient the respective product should be. Thermal imaging cameras, for example, are available from as little as €400, but it is therefore difficult and uncertain to reliably address game at a greater distance.


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