medium of exchange in times of crisis

If society collapses, the national currency will be worthless. And then it's good to have a medium of exchange at hand. In this article, you will learn what are the best things to trade with. And how you can stay ahead of your competition in a crisis.


1. Clean drinking water

Clean drinking water is valuable and important. Even more so when it is not available. Preppers know to stock up on bottled water, jerrycans, buckets, and other storage containers. Even before a crisis occurs. Because at that moment, clean water is priceless and vital to survival.


2. Food

Eating is a basic need. Canned, dehydrated or freeze-dried produce, grains, honey, sugar, pasta, and any other foods your family likes to eat should be stocked in the pantry. If you have excess stock, you can exchange the crisis supply for other items with your fellow human beings. Just pay attention to the right equivalent value when trading.


3. Power generation

Anything that generates electricity can be valuable in an emergency situation. These include, for example, rechargeable batteries, solar cells and generators.


4. alcohol

The liquid can be used universally. For drinking, disinfecting, as a preservative or as a fuel. If you can legally do alcohol distillation in your area, you should consider doing it for home production. It is a valuable medium of exchange and has an almost unlimited shelf life.


5. Plumbing needs

Products for hygiene or sanitary facilities are important and are also valued by others. Historical events have shown that toilet paper in particular is a popular item. Other products include, for example, liquid soap, bar soap, shampoo, detergent, cotton swabs and toothpaste.

Disinfectants are essential for crisis prevention. This is because it can prevent or minimize the spread of diseases.


6. Fire starters

Fire is not only important in a disaster. Have everything you need ready. These include lighters, matches, kindling, wood, newspaper, fuel, flint, and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


7. Garden tools and accessories

Growing your own food is a great way to improve your sustenance and self-sufficiency. You should stock up on non-GMO seeds, fertilizer, gardening books, and the necessary tools. Here it is advisable if you not only have the items required for gardening your own, but also have the necessary knowledge. You can also use this information in bartering.


8. communication

Impeccable communication is another basic need. Basic equipment includes portable radios, solar panels for power generation, amateur or CB radio stations, satellite phones, cellular phones and spare batteries. Make sure you know how to use the radios. This way you can contact other people if necessary or make an emergency call.


9. Medical care

Necessary medicines can be valuable means of exchange in times of crisis. Painkillers like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin, and acetaminophen are high on the list. Antihistamines, antidiarrheals, laxatives, expectorants, antibiotic ointments and other over-the-counter medicines are also on the checklist. Because you can often use these products as a means of payment if no other currency is accepted.


10. Fuel

Never underestimate the value of fuel during a crisis. Not only vehicles can be refueled with it, but also generators for power generation can be operated. However, petrol is not the only thing that counts as fuel. Even propane, butane, charcoal, alcohol, gas and wax are included. It allows people to cook and generate heat.


11. Precious metals

Gold and silver play a subordinate role in direct barter transactions. Still, precious metals are important when the traditional monetary system collapses. For example, take a portion of your monthly budget and invest in coins and bars. Keep valuables close by.


Tips for safe barter transactions

If you offer items for exchange in a time of crisis, you always put yourself at risk. Because those around you learn more about your supplies and maybe where you store them. In times of need, word gets around quickly and arouses envy in other people.

It's not uncommon for you to become the most popular person in your area. And that's not meant in a positive way. You will not receive an invitation to the coffee party, but many people will suddenly find their way to you.

Never flaunt your wealth in public. When everyone knows you have the best stuff, maybe even plenty, those around you will see you as a tempting target. Depending on the type of crisis and its duration, friendliness can quickly turn into expectation or even aggression.

Offer different goods in each barter. You don't want to be known as the only food or water guy. Because once those things start running out, you'll be the first place people go to look for those important things.

Keep a low profile. I don't want people to suspect that you're hiding more than you're letting on. Be humble and act accordingly. Don't brag or make insinuations.

Never share the location of your hideout. Don't confide in a close friend either. Because this one might be trustworthy, but the guy overhearing might not be.

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