Garbage bags for prepping: the many possible uses

An article with an almost infinite number of possible uses and applications. Here is an excerpt:

  • Protection of objects from moisture (e.g. clothing, electronic devices, etc.)
  • Emergency sleeping bag (when the outside temperature is warm)

  • Protection of wounds from moisture and dirt

  • collecting rainwater

  • transport of water

  • Storage of water (e.g. collect as much water as possible via the tap immediately after a crisis)

  • Shower (hang the sack filled with water in the sun and poke one or more holes in it)

  • Sun and weather protection (e.g. for setting up a shelter in the forest)

  • Mattress (fill several garbage bags with leaves)

  • Emergency cushion (only filled with air or leaves)

  • Emergency washing machine (fill the bag with soap and water, then knead clothes in it)

  • roof repair
  • Protection of plants from low temperatures

  • Food protection (multiple nested bags keep bugs and other animals out if the fridge goes down)

  • As a plate (pull the bag over the inside of a hat and fill it with food), pens and paper

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